Akita reach almost its final size within the first eight months of life. Experience has shown that only a few centimeters in height are added after this time. So very early, you have a dog that is just still rather a "toddler" Although large in form, but in the development and consolidation of its bones, ligaments, and joints.

Be sure, too that is the dog not far. Long walks, climbing, permanent stairs etc. should be avoided. A dog does not know its limits. As long as you run, he runs with it. A puppy has also on the bicycle to find nothing.

All the errors that are made in the diet and attitude of a young dog, can very negatively affect the health of the dog

A reasonable degree of movement, affection, education and a balanced diet saves trouble and veterinarian costs in the next few years!

If you have problems or are unsure, are our representatives in terms of education and training for information available. Same applies of course also to all Board members and growing waiting.


Source: Information booklet Akita Club e.V., courtesy of the author
Angelika Kammerscheid-Lammers und Lutz Lammers

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