Let the breeder for the first time some of the usual food settle with, even if you want to feed something else later. Some breeders give with the puppy even a few liters of drinking water, so that the puppy can drink the usual water in the first few days. Avoid should feed with soy and high protein content, both can cause allergic reactions (skin rash) with Akitas. You should not feed well eat that contain dyes and artificial flavors or flavour enhancers. The same applies to products from their products.

Natural chewing items of like dried rumen of cattle or cattle ears, etc., stick, are, however, useful Especially in the change of the puppy, it is important that he gets enough to chewing.


Source: Information booklet Akita Club e.V., courtesy of the author
Angelika Kammerscheid-Lammers und Lutz Lammers

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