Sit, Place, Stay and Come

Exercises such as the agreement used to shout, seat, place and stay, etc. should only be practiced with little distraction. This the own garden or the apartment is best, because there are no strange, interesting smells.

The deflection should be increased slowly and only then if the exercises are reasonably safe run.

The most important is the coming orally! Use the time until the 20th week, if the puppy is oriented very to you, in order to strengthen the exercise. When the puppy begins to interest later increasingly for the things in his environment, you have already a good basis.

The body language of the person is much easier to understand than Word commands for the puppy. For a good understanding, it is therefore useful, when you learn, your body language, for example through gestures, specifically to use. It is also important that you understand the language of your dog.


Source: Information booklet Akita Club e.V., courtesy of the author
Angelika Kammerscheid-Lammers und Lutz Lammers

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