Lodging place

Where the dog later at night to sleep, which must decide. In the first time, it is important, however, that the puppy close to his caregiver is sleeping.

So he used a faster. We have separated him from his family and his brothers and sisters, and that is why he needs our close to even.

A box next to the bed and is set in the ceiling of the puppy proved itself. Also, you can hear if the puppy is restless and must dissolve perhaps.

After a few weeks, the distance to the bed can be increased gradually until the puppy then provided sleeping space on which for him.

The place should be a retreat for the Akita where he is not disturbed!

In principle, the Akita would like to be but preferably close to his people.


Source: Information booklet Akita Club e.V., courtesy of the author
Angelika Kammerscheid-Lammers und Lutz Lammers

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