Nature, Education and Attitude

The Akita is a separate and independent dog, not submissive, with strong bonds to his caregiver, strangers to friendly to indifferent. In the House, he is very quiet and comparatively little barks.

Based on a good human/dog relationship are trust and mutual respect. A non-violent education is a must! The Akita will be treated decent of his people and only in this way can gain his confidence.

Is that the Akita on stubborn turns or goes in the aggression achieved with pressure and hardness in education only. Make all the exercises so interesting that the Akita like voluntarily executes them.

Praise and reward is essential for his cheerful willingness to work!

Has found access to his dog, the Akita to good performance is capable and ready. Due to its peaceful nature, he is able to work concentrated and persistently.

Therefore is useful especially the nose work well for an Akita. You very meets his inclination towards the independence and its nature as a "Nose animal".

The much-cited "want to please" so please-want, is little pronounced with Akitas. To this end, he has his own head too much. Nevertheless, Akita develop a very strong link to their human caregivers.

Dogs are running animals, so daily exercise is very important. Although the Akita loves to doze off most of the day - preferably in your area - or to sleep, he also needs spout. How often and for how long walk with your Akita, depends on the age and of the movement needs of your dog.

In addition to the daily landing, the Akita needs and mental load. Most dogs will defy in here. Tasks of the nose is used are well suited. That can range from simple search games during the walk or in the garden to demanding tasks, such as the small surface search or the smell of distinction.

Akita can work as well and how happy they take on tasks, show the examples in which Akita be employed successfully in the sport, with the track work, the Mantrailing or as a therapy dog.

The key for joyful and reliable work is always in the positive interaction between man and Akita and the quality of trust.


Source: Information booklet Akita Club e.V., courtesy of the author
Angelika Kammerscheid-Lammers und Lutz Lammers

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