The education of the puppy

Most switch Akita puppies between the eighth and tenth week of the breeder to their owner. Ideally your puppy at the breeder got to know a lot. Children, other animals, other dogs, the usual household noises such as vacuum cleaner, dishwasher etc., cars, trucks, etc.

Later to get a well socialized, secure Akita, this accustomed to environmental stimuli in the new home must be continued. The development of the puppy is divided into socialisation and forming stages.

The period of the main stage, the conquest of the environment, is located within the first five months of life. During this time, the puppy must learn to build relationships to other animals and people, and he must be accustomed to environmental influences.

Only if these experiences are positive, if he builds confidence, he can live a life without uncertainty and fear. The term style means that during the forming phase determines the behavior of the dog the experience for his later life. That is why it is so important that you take time and during this time with as many environmental stimuli familiarize the puppy, without however overwhelm him.

The curiosity of the puppies must positively be strengthened so that they learn to deal properly with curiosity and fear. The positive reinforcement by the people should be in this time in the foreground.

What the puppy until about 20 week not learn and know, can be rescheduled later only difficult or even impossible. Basically one should make known and familiar the puppy with the things that he finds in its surroundings, including the living environment (stairs, gratings, lifts, various animals don't forget).

An Akita puppy should learn about dogs of different breeds and sizes and people of all ages; Children, adults, elderly people with stock or Rolator, wheelchair, inline skaters, etc. people with beard, hat, helmet, sunglasses...

Here you must sure that these encounters for the puppies are positive. All meetings pleasant running during this time are stored positive also for the future.

To but not to overstrain the puppy, it is good, when he must know something not every day, and at the latest when he shows stress signals, you should remove him from the situation.

A dog is also about these stages also able to learn and to adapt to. It is much easier for the man-dog relationship and a fear and aggression-free dog's life if breeder and owner in the socialisation and issuing stage which take time and intense with her protégé deal himself, him careful, with adapt many love and positive reinforcement to its environment.


Source: Information booklet Akita Club e.V., courtesy of the author
Angelika Kammerscheid-Lammers und Lutz Lammers

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