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We are breeders of the dog breed
American Akita
We are Ute and Bernd and come from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

At home we are in Setzin, are to approx. 10 km south of the highway 24 because of the connection point Wittenburg in the north of the Mecklenburgian Elbe valley.
(See Google Maps below.)

Our dogs are

American Dream Devil's Zuhause
Our Home
American Dream Devil's
Bon-Zieta (†) and Bernd
American Dream Devil's
Angie (†), Lumpi (†), Bernd and Ute
American Dream Devil's Attila
Attila (†)
American Dream Devil's Ashima
Ashima (†) and Ute
American Dream Devil's Athaba
Athaba (†)
American Dream Devil's
Angie (†) and Bon-Zieta (†)
American Dream Devil's Darla
American Dream Devil's
Darla (Puppy) with her Mom Feme (†)
American Dream Devil's
American Dream Devil's Boomer
Boomer and Ute
American Dream Devil's Boomer
Boomer and Bernd
Our love for the American Akita originates from an old dog book.

The dream „Akita“ did not release us to today no more.

Many owners of an Akita say: „Once an Akita always an Akita!“
And we decided in the year 2006 in such a way to breed American Akita‘s.
We breed strictly according to the rules of the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale)
the rules of the VDH (Federation for the German dog nature)
And the rules of the AKITA Club registered association.

In may 2012, we have successfully advanced the examination to the breeding Oberwart for Akita and American Akita.

But now regard to you our homepage, if your interest have contacts us over E-Mail or call us by phone.
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