On the night of April 17th to 18th, 2024, our K-litter was born with respectable weights between 450 and 570 g.
There are 3 boys and 3 girls.
Mom and puppies are doing well.
If you are interested, we would be happy to accept your inquiries.
Our litter is for spring:
Parents of our puppies from the current mating:
MON PAR I will get what I want aka Sunny X Amerikan Dream Devil's Inola

Here is our new mating:


Jr. Ch. MON PARI I will get what I want aka Sunny
Amerikan Dream Devil's Inola


Sunny and Inola


The puppies were born on April 17th, 2024.
The 3 boys and 3 girls are doing great.
They grow and thrive.
We are hoping for beautiful, strong and friendly puppies with excellent gait from this litter.

Our J-Litter is born!

Our puppies from K-Litter

Reservations are gladly accepted by e-mail or telephone.

For more information contat us, please.
If you are interested, please send a short e-mail or call us.
(see page „Contact“).

(See below for more infos about purchasing a puppy)



Jr. Ch. MON PARI I will get what I want aka Sunny -X- Amerikan Dream Devil's Inola
CH MON PARI I will get what I want aka Sunny Amerikan Dream Devil's Inola
Jr. Ch. MON PARI I will get what I want aka Sunny
- Best young dog Rostock 2021
- Junior Winner Rostock 2021
- German Junior Winner Gelsenkrichen 2021
- German Junior Champion VDH
Amerikan Dream Devil's Inola


Pedigree of the expected puppies




Information's about the breeding and supplying our puppies:

Our puppies spend the first weeks with us together in the House. Here they will learn already the first environmental impressions, such as vacuum cleaner, washing machine, radio, or television.
Our puppies will come from the fourth week in our puppies run-out in the garden also during the day. It consists of a puppy house, is covered, and provides shelter from any weather.
Here they can romp and discover their environment. Our garden (approx. 2700 m˛) and our house is completely available for them any time, where they can freely unfolding and new discovery can learn.
A small jaunt by car and good experience by visitors of all ages will also be learned
In the evening, then all come back to us in house and sleep in the bedroom where the puppy box for the small and the mother is with us.
The impressions they will learn at this very important time with us, our puppies to people and other animals are very well socialized and show a very friendly nature and behavior.

We submit our puppies lives for the 56th.
Up to this point, they are chipped, vaccinated, dewormed several times and have been reviewed by one breeding Oberwart (Akita Club e.V.) on their state of health.

The purchase price is from 1800,- Euro

At the purchase and collection you will receive:
- an international pedigree of the VDH and FCI - the European pet passport
- the DNA proof of parenthood
- copy of throwing the inspection report
- a puppy starter pack consisting of:
- food for the first days in the new home
- a leash
- a collar
- a toy
- etc.



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